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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 23, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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9:00 last night but according to city, the outage was planned. cheryl connor is live outside of the complex to break it down. >> reporter: and many residents here have been outside today, very vocal, very willing to speak out against baltimore city housing. here is what we know about the situation. the power was shut off in the building here on west 20th street around 9:15 thursday night. crews were replacing an old air- conditioner unit. about an hour later a 60-year- old woman was found dead in her apartment. the medical examiner will determine if her death was caused by heat. now temperature readings inside the hallway were around 82 degrees at that time. the back-up generator in the building failed so paramedics had to climb five flights of stairs to reach the victim. >> the elevators were off, the paramedics weren't able to use the elevators so they had to go up and down the steps and at the time they could have saved her, he had to run down stairs
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to get the monitor. >> the back-up generators didn't work for some reason and we called in a repair of the elevator and got it working within a couple of hours. >> reporter: and the city housing spokeswoman told us that the new air-conditioner unit is now working inside that building. now tenants, they say, were notified on four separate day this is month leading up to the shut-off, but many people tell us that message wasn't passed along to them. we'll have more on that part of the story coming up at 6:00. live in lower charles village. cheryl connor, abc 2 news. and the heat a concern not just today but it will be all weekend long. especially tomorrow. probably the hottest or one of the very hottest all summer. let's take a look first at what we're seeing this afternoon. and we're already getting a taste of it. heat index values like this -- 107 downtown. feeling like 102 in annapolis. hottest spot in the state with the heat and humidity,
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cambridge at 113. that's what it feels like. heat advisory up for the rest of the evening and through the day tomorrow and just about all of maryland and just about all of pennsylvania. very hot and sunshine caming down with almost no cloud cover to cool us down at all so very, very hot evening shaping up as well. and in the 90s, skies staying clear. do what you can to stay cool out there. we'll talk about how hot we expect to get tomorrow. >> thanks, wyatt. to check the weather go to and click on the weather tap at the top of our home page. guide includes the latest forecast and some really important tips on how you can keep cool and healthy as the temperatures rise. the police are investigating even more vandalism through campaign signs in baltimore county. first there was mailings and then stolen and ripped up signs and now one candidate found a
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sign with razor blades stuck in every side. brian kuebler joins us now with this odd story. >> reporter: kel, police say they have seen campaign sign vandalism over the years but this is a first. the sign was located on rossville road near race in essex. kevin cabinet is running for county executive, but the campaign and its rhetoric is beginning to take on a little bit of an edge. >> officer got out there and did in fact find that this sign, which was attached to a guard rail, had some disposable razors affixed to the outside of it. >> reporter: the sign is now gone but today just one block away we found another sign, this one bordered with needles. campaign sign vandalism is nothing new, but this year in baltimore county it seems to be taking on an odd and offensive twist.
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last week we told you about a antisemitic mailer sent out. the letter accuse the candidate of associated with, quote, a jew-hater. and two weeks ago candidate allen zuckerberg ran into his own issues in addition to his campaign signs being stolen or ripped up, one sign was defaced using lewd images and derogatory language. >> it's significant enough that i don't want it to be a trend. and i continue to file police reports and if we catch the person i'm going to ask for prosecution. >> reporter: and police are investigating all of the incidents, but with little to go on they cannot point to any trend. authorities warn, though, all instances are illegal and punishable. >> these are property of someone else. so you can't go around just picking them up off someone else's lawn or defacing them because they are the property of the candidate and his campaign. >> reporter: now we did put a
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call into the cabinet's candidates but we did not receive a response. >> thanks, brian. shirley sherrod are not jumping at any offers for a job just yet. she was forced to resign from the agriculture department once a video speech she delivered was released on line. it was later determined the video was edited to change her message. today the president called her to offer her a new job but she said she would have to think about it. during the call he said he related to her speech, the full one, not the unedited excerpts. >> one of the things i shared with miss sherrod was the stories she was telling about her own biases and over coming them, those are actually good lessons for all of us to learn, because we all have biases. >> the job remains -- the job offer that remains on the table would put her in charge of
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processing civil rights claims at the usda. a possible break in that case of the missing oregon buy kyron horman. police are pointing to a friend of stepmom. they believe the friend, dedeer, may know more about the day the boy disappeared. she was warned to cooperate with the investigators. the oregon newspaper say eyewitnesses saw her leaving a job the day he went missing. and other investigators say she couldn't be reached during the time that the boy disappeared. now tonight's top stories. engineers heading to trimpers requested the dutch company to help out with the ride investigation. the ride is closed after three children were hurt in an accident involving the ride last night. there is no word yet on when it
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will reopen. and a catonsville man is gunned down in his home by someone he knew. neighbors heard fighting and then gunshots caming from his apartment just before 2:00 this morning. when they arrived at the apartment on meyers drive police say the suspect was waiting for them. he has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. but police have not yet released his identity. and tropical depression bonnie is now slamming into southern florida. the storm is becoming less organized. whether they expect it to strengthen as it moves over the gulf of mexico tonight and tomorrow. and now bp has suspended relief on the oil spill and ships were ordered to return to shore. you can track bonnie's bath online at check out the hurricane center right there under the weather tab. well, coming up, it is video that you don't want to
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miss. punches are thrown when a traffic stop turns nasty. plus commuters race a barreling train to rescue a woman in trouble. and looking at mon rovia tonight. look at that. 99 degrees. wyatt said we're headed for triple-digits. he has the details coming up in just a few.
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this is a great time of year to grab a sale on out door items, but what if you bought something new two weeks ago, before it was parked down? abc 2's john matarese has a price adjustment so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: it happened to all of us, you bought clothing -- you bought clothing, appliance, and you thought you had a great deal. and then a few weeks later you find the store marked it down 25%. you can get an adjustment? it all depends on the fine print. >> this is the ad and these are the chairs listed at $17. >> reporter: oh, no, you know the feeling. jessie more couldn't believe the deck chairs he just bought for $29 each at target were now slashed in price to just $17. >> bought some chairs, april 23rd, a few weeks later noticed they had gone down in price in
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their ads. >> reporter: it wasn't chunk change. >> we're talking $45 difference. >> reporter: so he went back to the store. >> asked for a price adjustment and i was told they had a two- week policy and i asked where that was written and they couldn't tell me. >> reporter: but that's not unusual. price adjustments are the dirty little secret of retailing. most store as lou them but don't publicize it and in most cases we found they have just a one or two-week limit. i checked the websites of two big leaders and found that target, sears, the gap, old navy and kohl's allow adjustments between 14 days. best buy is 30 days. macy's allows just ten days and in wal-mart just 7 days. but usually can't get an adjustment if the item is already on sale. and some stores like wal-mart will not match lower prices on their own website. jessie said a clerk told him
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the only way to get the new price would be by returning his chairs and then buying them again at the lower price. he decided it wasn't worth it. >> a huge hassle, and you have six chairs. it's not the easiest thing to load up in the car and take them back again. >> reporter: my advice, check the return policy and price adjustment policy when you buy a big-ticket item because many stores these days won't change that policy, even if you miss the cutoff by just one or two days. and that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. well instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars for a new computer, how does $35 sound? today officials in india unveiled the world's cheapest computer. now despite the low cost, the december vice is said to have -- the device is said to have something a student needs. the development prime minister hopes everyone in the country will have one by 2011. the cost is expected eventually
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to go down to $10. >> wow! tonight several streets in milwaukee surrounding a massive sinkhole are closed. the sinkhole swallowed on suv last night. got news is the driver was able to escape without injury before the vehicle could be pulled out. rescuers had to wait for it to run out out of gas. and residents in mill walk yu dealing with widespread flooding. heavy rains pounding the region and with some areas seeing more than 7 inches of rain in just two hours. flash floods closed roads, stranding drivers. two people were taken to the hospital after being struck by lightning. after seeing that, we shouldn't complain about the triple-digits. but we're still complain. >> we're still going to find our reason to complain. it may not end up being a record-breaker tomorrow, but it will be very, very close. and that humidity plus the heat
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just means a heat index of like 110 and 115. so you do need to take it easy as we're going to be out there on saturday. >> today was awful enough. >> yes. and add a few degrees to that, just to give you an idea. so awfully hot and sunny. late july. let's take a look at what we're seeing out there. quiet at inner harbor. i would say the place to be at the water's edge, in the water, whatever you can do to cool down. 98 degrees right now. winds southwest at 12. and that has brought in a hotter air mass and a more humid air mass as well. steamier conditions have been the rule across maryland today. and take a look, very, very little cloud today. blue skies and just a little bit of haze there, but not much to provide any kind of a break to that intense late july sunshine. chesapeake beach, beautiful spot to be today but once again we're talking about very, very
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hot conditions, even along the water's edge out there. so it doesn't matter where you are. some of the high temperatures locally. arnold got to 100 today. glen burnie to 100 there. sykesville to 100. many of us staying in the upper 90s today but i really believe we'll see more triple-digits filtering up through the northern part of the state tomorrow, all the way back up into northeast more than likely. so be ready. it's even hotter tomorrow. heat advisory through the evening and through saturday. and we're talking about the potential for an excessive heat warning to be issued by the national weather service. that isn't something we've seen this year so far. we're right on the edge of the criteria for a more enhanced heat warning. code red in annapolis, baltimore, d.c., all of the downtown areas. right now temperature wise, we're talking about still upper 90s this evening. 98 in baltimore. 100 hagerstown. that's right nowment and this is the actual air temperatures, not the heat index values.
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you throw in the very, very high moisture and humidity, and this is what it feels like. 108 in easton. 105 down at ocean city. and 105 in hagerstown. so you get the idea. this is extreme. satellite radar trend, clear skies and sunshine for baltimore, frederick, all the way down through the beaches. there are clouds rolling out into western maryland but really a thin cloud deck no. showers or storms with that. very, very hot air has slid up and very humid air in place and the set up is a bermuda high pattern. the highest pattern here in the mid-atlantic or maryland and we'll deal with that most of the weekend. begins to change late sunday but no real relief until monday. chance of shower to cool us off a little bit late saturday afternoon and it looks slim and mainly to the north. and then sunday afternoon a slim chance as well out into western maryland. let's take you down to the tropics now. our friends down along the gulf
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coast in southern florida being impacted by tropical depression bonnie and this will move over the oil spread area. we'll give you the timing. it should be over the oil spill area 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, reintensifying but not to hurricane strength. and then coming ashore on new orleans as a tropical storm. so we'll keep a sharp eye on that. back here, again extreme heat is the theme. near 100 tomorrow. heat index more more than 110. and overnight 77 and mostly clear and warm. tomorrow we're talking about a hot and sunny start. por -- more clouds in the afternoon. feeling like more than 110. probably see a heat warning or heat advisory tomorrow. tomorrow night 80 and that's it. and your seven-day forecast, talking about very hot conditions through the end of the weekend and then monday and into tuesday, finally down to
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90. but not exactly cool. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. take a look at this police dash cam video. police say an ohio police officer pulled over eric german following a hit-and-run and that's when things got ugly. they are fighting. you can see the suspect attacking the police officer, even punching him in the face. >> fortunately another offer was close by. it could have been worse. mr. german, he just attacked him and struck him several times and luckily the other officer was there quick. >> german was arraigned today on several charges. the officer suffered injuries to his face so seif ear that he will likely require -- so severe he is likely to require reconstructive energy. police say a 57-year-old addy more fleet fell on to the tracks before an oncoming train. people waiting on the platform sprang into action to pull her up and flag down the train. the train operator stopped just in the nick of time. she was treated and released.
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the close call happened last week but police just released the surveillance video. this is a trip of the tour de france title in 2006 for testing with a substance. now accusing lance orm strong of doping. landis talked to abc news in a special edition of niteline airing tonight right after abc 2 news at 11:00. we want you to get in on the discussion. we want to know what you think. you can make a comment on our facebook page and also vote in a web poll at we're going to have the results and some of your thoughts tonight on abc 2 news coming up at 11:00. and also coming up tonight on abc 2 news at 6:00, a major investigation into exactly what happened at trimpers ride. and we'll hear from a witness who was just about to step on the rollercoaster.
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